Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spiritual Sunday: Making Scriptures into a Workbook

Earlier in the week I came across an AWESOME idea for making scripture studying more meaningful. For me, it's not just about reading the words on the page, but about feeling the meaning behind them and getting the inspiration I need to be a good mother and a wife.

The Creative Homemaker has found a great way to do just that. She's turned her scriptures into "Picture/Work Book Scriptures" If you were LDS as a teenager, you might remember glue-ins. Her idea is a spin-off of those! With this method, she covers the pack of the picture so it's plain white and then uses that space to write down her thoughts. I agree with her that the margins just don't give you enough room to make significant notations. And this way, she has room to write but she also gets to feel the power and message of the pictures.

As a side note, her post has inspired me to make another sort of quiet book for my little guy using pictures from the Ensigns. My mom has a stash of Ensigns (a magazine published by the LDS church) from probably the mid 90's that she's been looking to get rid of. So I think I'm going to take a few off of her hands. So be sure to check back to see what I come up with!

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