Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy Time Monday: Attempts to Get Out of the House

I'll be the first to admit it - I don't exactly like being outside. I never really have. When I was little, I had a few scary (for me) outdoor experiences. We lived in South Carolina and the dragonflies there were (they might still be - haven't been back yet) HUGE! And they didn't really care where they flew. They would fly right in front of my face and scare the crap out of me! I lived in South Carolina from the time was 3 until I was about 10. So for a child that young, you can imagine how scary that was. Also, when I was about 6 or 7, I was playing on our screened-in porch (it was somewhat protected by our carport) by myself, and this bird flew through the carport and slammed into the screen around the porch. It made this horrible noise that I'll never forget and scared me so bad that I cried for like an hour. Oh, I was also attacked by ants when I was about 8 and I was chased by a mean goose when I was about 6.

I also, just in general, dislike bugs and being dirty. I can feel when my hands start getting dirty and I just can't stand it. Might be a little OCD, but oh well. And I don't consider myself a girly girl, except in that area. I also can't stand being too hot (I get really bad migraines) or too cold. And in Utah, there's only about 2 months out of the year that aren't too hot or cold.

So I know my son needs to experience the outdoors. I know I shouldn't let my experiences keep my son from creating his own opinion of the outdoors. But it's hard for me actually enjoy myself when I'm outside. I don't ever just go outside to enjoy being out there.

That said, I do make attempts to get outside and play. My son LOVES being outside and walking around, jumping on our neighbors trampoline, or playing at the park. He would spend all day out there if I let him. I know in a world where most kids spend the day in front of video games, that I should foster that love of the outdoors and let him learn to love it.

Up until recently, I used the snow and cold as an excuse to stay inside, but it's finally starting to warm up and Spring is springing. I haven't yet met my goal of going outside EVERY day, but I've been better about it. We've gone outside to jump and walk around just because! We also went to the zoo (just a little one) and to a little fair/park activity with lots of animals and other activities. My son LOVED every minute of it all.

One problem that I run into though, is that my son doesn't ever want to come inside. No matter how long we're outside, whenever I say that it's time to go in, he starts screaming and crying to stay outside. I hate dealing with that part - it makes me feel like some horrible person for having other things to do besides let him play outside all day.

So, please tell me I'm not the only person out there who doesn't love being outside? If you're like me, what do you do to make yourself get out of the house? If you love being outside, what do you like to do? I need some ideas to help us get out of the house more often!

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  1. I am like you, I don't like to be outside. Bugs, dirt and sweaty hands, yuck! With that being said both of my girls love to be outside! Now that it is nice out again, we go out in our backyard almost everyday. Fun activities at our house include: sidewalk chalk, playdough, bubbles, coloring, painting and lots of handwashing!!!

    I guess the motivation for me to get outside is knowing that if I let them outside for 30 mins to hour I know that they will be worn out enough to be quiet for at least 15 mins!


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