Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy Moment!

My son definitely keeps me on my toes! So much so that I'm not sure how I'd ever manage having more than one child. Anyway, he has been quite the mess maker lately.

This afternoon, for lunch, I gave him some leftover mashed potatoes. He's never had a problem eating them before, but today he decided he wanted to smear them all over his face, his hair, and the high chair. Luckily they didn't fling too well so the mess was pretty well contained.

However, dinner rolled around and I gave him some spaghetti - which DOES have a good flinging range. I put him in his high chair, made sure he had his drink, and decided to pick up the house a bit. We don't usually have dinner together because of my husband's work schedule, so he was eating in his high chair watching Sesame Street. I noticed he had a small little pile of spaghetti on his tray, which didn't bother me. I walked into my bedroom to gather up some clothes and start a load of laundry. He wasn't making much noise, which should have been my first indicator. As I stepped out of the bedroom and headed into the laundry room, I felt this slimy little piece of something land on my cheek. I quickly flung it off my face, thinking it was a creepy, crawly spider (my arch enemy), but when I looked down I discovered it was *just* a spaghetti noodle!

That's right. My son managed to fling a fork full of spaghetti 15 feet across the room. I looked over at him with my frustrated mommy glare and he was staring right back at me with his mischievous little boy grin. Not only was his tray covered in spaghetti goop, but so was the floor around his high chair. He'll usually start playing with his food when he's done, but he also usually will tell us, "all done" when he's finished. He hadn't said a word!

I was tempted to be upset, but it's hard to be mad when my little man is giggling and looking at me with those baby blues. Fortunately, most of our apartment is tile. And fortunately I'd rolled up the rug earlier in the day because I'd planned on mopping and hadn't put it back down yet. Even more fortunately, I hadn't mopped yet because I forgot I was out of cleaner stuff.

Had I put the rug back down, not only would have I have had spaghetti sauce stains to try and remove, but I would have been digging those little Angel Hair noodles out of the rug for not only the next hour but I still would be finding them a week later! The rug is a mixture of browns and creams and they definitely wouldn't have been easy to find!

This is most definitely his biggest food mess. I sure am not looking forward to the terrible twos!

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