Friday, January 22, 2010

My List of Goals

I've been mulling all of these goals over for some time now, and I think one thing that I need to do is make a list of all my goals. I've also been doing some reading on goal making. I want to be able to make realistic, attainable goals. But one thing I've come across is that my goals need to be written out, and they need to be posted where I can see them daily. Posting them on my blog won't help me to see them, but I plan to print them out and post them so I can see them.

So, folks. Here we go. I know this isn't a full fledged, detailed list with dates and numbers and everything. I'm listing the goals, and I'll go through and flesh out exact details in other, smaller posts. I've even categorized them for you (and for me)!

Spritual Goals:
  1. Study the Book of Mormon Daily
  2. Pray more regularly
  3. Bear my testimony at least once this year during Fast & Testimony Meeting at church
  4. Attend the temple at least once a month
  5. Attend church every week, unless we're sick
  6. Have consistent, weekly Family Home Evenings
  7. Have a daily family prayer

Homemaking Goals:
  1. Plan and prepare a weekly menu that will include healthier meals
  2. Plan at least 2 new meals per month
  3. Create a home cleaning schedule to create a cleaner, more pleasant home
  4. Focus on a new fruit or vegetable each month

Mommy Goals:
  1. Plan more activities out of the house, even during the winter
  2. Plan more creative activities at home, especially during the winter
  3. Research learning activities and "preschool" type activities to do with Monkey Man. Implement them!
  4. Set up playdates at least once a month to create a more social environment for Monkey Man

Weight-Loss Goals:
  1. Find excercise videos and other workout methods that can be used at home during the winter. Research local gyms and consider justifying the expense.
  2. Put an exercise plan into place.
  3. Buy a scale so that I can see an actual number and results other than the loosening (or tightening) of my clothing
  4. Keep a food journal for 1 month and use it to adjust my eating habits to aid in weight loss
  5. After I get a scale, I can have a better idea of exactly what I need to lose. Right now, I know I need to lose at least 100lbs, possibly more like 150lbs. Eeek!

Social Goals:

  1. Invite 1 family over for dinner each month
  2. Plan, prepare, and carry out at least 2 parties in 2010
  3. (Same as a "Mommy Goal") Set up a playdate at least once a month to visit with friends

Financial Goals:
  1. Continue budget shopping, using coupons, clearance sales, etc AND cut grocery budget by another $10 each week this year
  2. Save for a new carseat for Monkey Man
  3. Save for new tires for our car
  4. Cut out all unnecessary expenses from our budget

I think that's it, folks. I think each of these are realistic. Some are longer term goals (I won't be losing 100 lbs in a month) and some are things that I just need to make into habits. But, I'm happy with my list and that's what really matters. My plan is not to start every single one of these goals right now and overwhelm myself. Instead, after I get them all written out in more detail, I'll be picking out a couple to tackle at a time. After I've got those down, I'll continue with them, and move on to focusing on a few more.
If you have any suggestions for making these things easier, please feel free to comment or share them with me through email. I'd love to hear from you!

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